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The story of Jacquie's cakes

A rather rustic beginning to a passionate adventure

In 2014, the rather dilapidated garage next to the entrance of the chateau became available as Wilfrid had moved his bottling activity to a brand new building and I grabbed the opportunity to transform this space into a truly ‘shabby chic/vintage’ tea room. With the enthusiastic help of Morgane Blanc, a young intern from Bordeaux, we scraped the floor, painted the shutters, collected all the old chairs and tables from the attic and brought together an impressive collection of vintage china - the Glass House was born.


Three years later, we undertook a total renovation of the garage and the adjoining stables with the help of local artisans and craftsmen. The result is functional but still full of character with exposed beams and stone feeding troughs adding to its rustic charm.

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