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About Us

Welcome to Chateau Carbonneau – a family legacy rooted in passion, dedication, and love.

In 1992, Jacquie and Wilfrid Franc de Ferriere , the third generation of the family, embarked on the daunting task of preserving and revitalising Chateau Carbonneau. Their story began in the summer of 1985 at this enchanting property, where Jacquie, on a visit from New Zealand, and Wilfrid fell in love. Married in 1988, they returned to Carbonneau in 1992 with their growing family—Hugo, Margot, and Pierre, later Lucie in 1995.

Chateau Carbonneau, severely impacted by the second world  war, had been reduced to a mere dairy and cereal farm. Undeterred by the challenges, Wilfrid, who had studied as an  agricultural engineer, devised a plan to restore the property to its former glory.

The journey began with the careful tending of the few remaining vines. Armed with determination and secateurs, the couple  tackled the daunting task of pruning, receiving encouragement from supportive neighbors. After two years of supplying grapes to the local cooperative, the old winery was cleared of a century's worth of debris, and in 1996, Carbonneau witnessed its first vintage in a very long time.

Simultaneously, the chateau itself, though with a new roof, required attention. With some renovations and redecoration, the chateau was initially offered as a whole-house rental before Jacquie introduced a bed & breakfast in 2000.

Today, Chateau Carbonneau flourishes, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jacquie and Wilfrid. Tourists play a significant role in the winery’s success, enjoying five comfortable guest rooms, a spacious swimming pool, and two hectares of park gardens, creating an idyllic retreat in the tranquil French countryside.

A recent addition to Chateau Carbonneau is the Wine Bar and Tea Room, where guests and the public can savour homemade treats and charcuterie platters along with glasses of Chateau Carbonneau wines.

The legacy continues with the active involvement of the Franc de Ferriere children. Hugo oversees sales  while Pierre is the head winemaker, and tends to the farm and its animals. Margot partners with Jacquie to welcome guests into the chateau and the wine bar, ensuring a warm and inviting experience. Lucie, all the way from New York, has embarked on her own venture—From Lucie—a bakery inspired by the essence of Chateau Carbonneau.

At Chateau Carbonneau, every visit becomes a journey through time, a celebration of family, and an example of passion and perseverance. We invite you to join us in this story, to explore, experience, and to create your own lasting memories with us. 

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