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Choose from 3 stunning venue spaces and book your next celebration.

Welcome to Chateau Carbonneau, a family-owned winery offering an intimate setting for your special occasions. Nestled in scenic vineyards, our venue is perfect for pre-wedding cocktails, private dinners, and birthdays. With a commitment to quality and warm hospitality, we invite you to share in our idyllic space for events up to 150 guests. Explore our wines, gardens, and terrace with a unique Napoleon III glass house – where sophistication meets natural beauty. Choose Chateau Carbonneau for an unforgettable celebration, crafted with charm and grace.


©Photos - Los Caballeros Weddings

Events & Functions

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The Terrace

Discover Chateau Carbonneau's Terrace, an idyllic venue for your special occasion. South-facing, the Terrace is adjacent to our elegant and iconic glass house, which can serve as a stylish bar area. This adaptable venue is designed to accommodate your preferences, providing the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. Your vision, our venue – crafting memories in the heart of the French countryside.


  • The timeless Napoleon III Glass House as a backdrop

  • Overlooking a sprawling 2-hectare park

  • Fully lit for evening magic

  • Ideal for open-air events or tented setups

  • 200m² of versatile space





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©Photos - Los Caballeros Weddings


©Photos - Los Caballeros Weddings

The Wine Bar

Indulge in the charm of our vintage Wine Bar, an inviting space nestled at the front of the chateau within converted stables. With its casual ambiance and unique blend of an English-style tea room and wine bar, this venue promises an unforgettable experience where the chateau, the vineyard and wines come together.


  • Casual atmosphere

  • 125-year-old Sequoia and abundant greenery

  • Pond and vineyard views

  • Park access

  • Cozy lighting

  • Casual french country furniture






©Photos - Los Caballeros Weddings

The Glass House

Step into the timeless elegance of Chateau Carbonneau's last venue space, the Napoleon III Glass House. Originally a conservatory for tropical plants, this meticulously restored jewel is one of the defining features of our winery. This unique venue is where history meets sophistication. The Glass House is not just a space; it's an experience, creating memories that echo the elegance of the past while celebrating the joy of the present.


  • Lush tropical ambiance

  • Elegant nighttime illumination

  • Intimate luxury setting

  • Tranquil water fountain





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